Registered Physiotherapist

Vasu is a passionate Physiotherapist with over 14+ years of clinical experience in treating Musculoskeletal injuries. Her main focus is on Pain management, Post MVA Rehabilitation, Back, Neck, Hip, Knee, Ankle, Shoulder, elbow and Wrist injuries, Chronic conditions, Hip & Knee replacements and any post surgical conditions/sports related injuries.

Vasu completed her Post graduation(Master’s degree) Physiotherapy program and Bachelors degree Program from Dr MGR Medical university, India and Vasu believes in Hands on techniques, graded exercises and applies various manual therapy approaches such as Myofacial release, Softtissue release, Muscle energy techniques, Joint mobilisations etc., and she has done various courses before & after successfully passing her licensing exam in Canada.

Vasu is a dedicated therapist who is goal oriented, client focused and who always believes that education is an ongoing process. Other than her professional time, she enjoys her time at home with her kid and family.