About Us

At Acu-Pro Rehabilitation, we are committed to providing you with the most effective personalized treatment for your condition in a comfortable and caring environment. We believe in taking an integrated approach to get you back to a healthier lifestyle by using a combination of treatment techniques we find most effective for treating your injury or medical condition. The education you receive in your treatments will also help prevent recurrences and manage your condition.

We are serving the community of Coquitlam & Port coquitlam since 2005 under the banner of Acu-Pro Physiotherapy, with new name & under new leadership we are dedicated to serve the community with more services including physiotherapy, active rehab & massage therapy.

We are specialized in general physiotherapy, IMS, orthopaedic rehabilitation, sport injury, manual therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, concussion, motor vehicle injuries & work related injuries.

Acu-Pro Rehabiltation Difference

Backed by Experience

Experience means a lot when it comes to assisting clients on their road to recovery. Acu-Pro is well known for more than 17 years in and around Coquitlam. When you come to Acu-Pro Rehabilitation, you know you will be working with an experienced physiotherapist with more than 17+ years of experience in hands-on physiotherapy. We use a combination of hands-on therapy, IMS/Dry needling, electro-therapy, and a guided exercise regime to get you back to your best self.

Getting Right To The Source Of The Issue

Establishing the correct diagnosis is the first step in ensuring you get proper treatment. We carefully assess our clients by asking the right questions and take extra care in listening to their concerns. This ensures we develop the correct treatment plan from the beginning.

Holistic Approach By Getting A Comprehensive View

Everyone is different. Seeing the full picture is an important part of our philosophy to get a better understanding of our clients. We take every aspect of the lifestyle into account (eating habits, life changing events, etc.) to develop a customized treatment plan just for you.

Experience With Complex Cases

Having seen thousands of patients, we have developed the toolsets to treat a wide range of cases and home, sport, or workplace injuries. We have loyal patients who have degenerative conditions or complicated issues. We teach them how to manage their conditions and get their chronic pain under control.